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Blog Description

10 Jul

Because of the size of the global population, the pace of the change, the spread of technology, the urgency of financial, health, and environment crises, and the interdependence that has collapsed boundaries, our response time must quicken: we must anticipate problems and attack them at their sources before they grow and multiply. And we must continually invent solutions as conditions change.

People like to take action but feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to begin, or feel that problems are too big to be solved. Yet many have found ways to respond to problems with creativity, energy, and even optimism – attacking global, national and local problems with powerful ideas or new tools. They see problems that are being ignored or mishandled by traditional institutions.

Their stories have gone under-reported. Even as news and information inundate us, the proliferation of people building new organization to address social problems – millions of them – remains largely hidden from view.

We know far more about the world’s problems than about the world’s problem solvers. This blog draws attention to their efforts. It will systematically identify people with innovative ideas and practical models for achieving major societal impact. Describe their function in society and shine a spotlight on their work.

My hope is that this blog sparks excitement, expand sense of possibility and perhaps point the way to your own changemaking path.