You don’t need to ask for permission to change the world !!

27 Sep

Design for Change is an innovative and exciting competition for young people that might just change the world! Young people who enter are asked to design a solution to a problem in their community and make it happen. Each individual change builds momentum and energy behind significant positive change driven by our young people.

The competition originated in India where it has had a massive impact. Design for Change is not just a competition; it will become an inspiring and empowering community that will help young people believe that they matter and they can make a difference.

Participants are given a simple task: design a solution to a problem in your community and make it happen!

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Help people believe that they matter.
  • Help them discover that change can happen and that they can become drivers of it.
  • Help them to believe, “I Can!”

The competition is designed to be flexible and ‘teacher friendly’ – allowing participating schools and groups to design their own project, in their own way, to fit with school terms, holidays, and other curriculum demands.

However, Design for Change is brilliantly different.

In this competition children are encourage to think beyond money, and fundraising. They are asked to get directly involved in designing and leading change in their local community. Hands on! In every case the participants amaze and inspire their teachers, parents and their communities.  They are transformed by this competition, and so is everyone connected to it.

Just watching the video on this page  – will inspire you to be part of this.

Directed & Produced By Aarti Shrivastava

Camera Work By Sushil

Edited By Pranav Patel


One Response to “You don’t need to ask for permission to change the world !!”

  1. Deepak Salve September 28, 2010 at 16:56 #

    Doing great job.

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